In Part 1 of this article (posted on 20/3/18), some documentation tips were shared with my biking buddies who would love to cruise through Thailand. Continue reading to know what more is needed...


  1. With all these documents in hand, look out for shop signs that say, “INSURANS THAILAND” or “INSURANCE THAILAND.” Go up to the clerk and hand over the documents to him/her to purchase a third-party insurance cover (for less than MYR 20).


Additionally, you will be provided with two to three further documents required by the Thai authorities.


5(a). TM.2 Information of conveyance. Two copies containing the details of your motorcycle and the dates plus place you intended to stay in Thailand.



5(b). TM.3 Passenger List. Two copies consisting of the above information and information of your passenger. There is no need for this form is you don’t have a pillion.



5(c). TM.6 Arrival/Departure card. A white piece of card which contains your particulars and where you’d be staying in Thailand. Check to see if both Arrival and Departure sections have been filled.



Although it seems like a long process, it usually takes only 15 to 30 minutes. Great time for a cold drink and a few cigarettes (don’t vape in Thailand!).


Head for the Malaysian border checkpoint, ride up to the counter and hand over your passport. The officer will run a quick check, return the passport and wave you through if your status is clear.


When you reach the Thai border checkpoint, park your bike and head first to the Immigration checkpoint to have your passport and TM.6 card stamped – no charges if you get there during regular office hours. The Thai Immigration Officer will return your passport and the Departure portion of the TM.6 card to you.


Next, head to the Customs Declaration Counter and hand over all the documents, to acquire the last document called the Simplified Customs Declaration Form, for again, less than MYR 20. Do remember to initialize a large book before you leave.


Also keep in mind to not lose the documents that you’re holding now. the TM.2, TM.3 (if applicable), TM.6 and Customs Declaration need to be returned to Thai authorities on your return trip. The Thais will levy a fine of THB 1,000 per day to a maximum of THB 10,000 for failure to return the Customs Declaration form.


You’re done and sawadeekarp, it’s time for adventure in the Land of Smiles.