Ducati didn't just make bikes and seven other fun facts about the Italian motorcycle mogul

1. Ducati used to make radios. And electric razors. AND reel-to-reel projectors.

2. The Cucciolo was produced after the Ducati factory was bombed in World War II.

3. Ducatis are still made by hand, in Italy. Every last one of them. Sure, Thailand and Brazil now have factories, but bikes are only assembled there, and only for those markets. Italian craftsmanship made by craftsmen, not robots.

4. A full 30 percent of the production staff at the factory in Borgo Panigale is female.

5. There are two production lines at the factory in Bologna: one for bikes headed to the US, one for bikes headed everywhere else. Think, emissions standards. California's are the most stringent, but manufacturing a motorcycle for one specific state is hardly practical.

6. It takes 88 minutes to make a Monster.

7. Every step of every process in every bike's creation is signed by the individual who did the work.

8. A Ducati produced for sale in Japan is unlike any other Ducati in the world. Why? Sound regs. It's true: Bikes bound for Japan are muffled to quiet that unmistakable Ducati roar.