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2 Types of Bikers And Their Alter-Egos

We all do it. Hang out with our mates downing drinks, scanning the horizon for others who almost look like yourselves but aren't.

The biking scene is getting too crowded and you have to weed out the posers (whatever that means in your definition). It's your responsibility to help to thin out the population, for the survival of the herd.

But with the newbies coming in thick and fast, it's a bewildering world of who's really who. Don't worry, here's a handy quick reference to help you defend your biking type from dilution.

1. Born Again Motorbikers (BAMBIs) vs Middle-Life Crisis Bikers
It's okay. Your mates call you Bambi, but that's all the respect you need. You hung up your leathers and gloves years ago but your family was in crisis and you dug in and got everyone out of trouble. Now you're back, a bit older but wiser and you have a place at the head of your riding pack.

But not all beer-gut greybeards are like you. The posers with shiny boots and Fonzi jackets may tell you they been having their Harley for donkey years but they can't tell you if it's a knucklehead or a shovelhead (cause they're on Evolution now, brother).

2. Lifelong Bikers vs Carnival Bikers
Biking is a way of life for you as much as you live to bike, you bike to live. And that's not just about dusting off your bike to show up at biking events to pose for the press. It's about attending family dinners of your fellow bikers, their weddings, their post-divorce drinking sessions, their funerals.

You rack up 10,000 to 30,000 km on your bike every year, while carnival bikers only show up at rallies and maybe make 10,000 before they think of replacing their bike.

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