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3 DIY Motorbike Maintenance Procedures

Once you've become a motorbiker, you'll probably want to learn to do the most basic maintenance procedures on your own.

With your bike manual, this can actually prove to be a lot easier than you think. Specific bikes may have specific procedures, as laid out in the manual.

However, most procedures are pretty similar so it's useful to learn. Here's a look at some motorcycle maintenance procedures that can be performed easily at home.

1. Changing oil
The foundation of any bike maintenance starts with an oil change. In general, you only need a socket set, a strap wrench, drain pan, funnel and of course, the replacement oil. This can be performed in minutes with a bike stand.

If you want, you can purchase oil change kits that give you the complete set you need, such as Biker's Choice Quick-Change Kit or specific brands per bike, such as Victory's Motorcycle Oil Change Kit. Most manufacturers also have OEM products.

2. Maintaining brakes
Keeping your brakes in optimum shape is essential for your safety and proper functioning of your bike. With regular use, you have to change the pads and top up brake fluid. This is very easy to do with a standing bike and you only need a socket set, hex keys, screwdrivers and pliers. For fluid changing, you can also purchase bleeder kits to make things much easier for you.

Check out the Actron CP7835 Vacuum Pump/Brake Bleed Kit for everything you need to maintain brake fluid.

3. Changing air filter
Your airbox is protected by air filters, which prevent dust and dirt from getting in. You still need to clean it every now and then or change it completely.

You first need to remove either the fuel tank or the seat. Cleaning itself is quite easy. Dislodge whatever dirt you can find, and wipe off the rest with a soft brush or compressed air if you have that.

Those impregnated with oil, will need cleaning first with a solvent, and then re-apply the oil.

There are lots more things you can change on your own like spark plugs and cable lubricant, but if you start with the three above, you're on your way to becoming a proper biker!

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