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3 Manliest Bikes Ever Built

There's no question about it. A motorcycle is masculine and manly. You know it if you're a biker. You'll want to know it if you're not yet a biker.

Here are some samples of the manliest motorcycles ever built.

1. Zero Engineering T5 Blackie

Classic gentleman meets modern street brawler. Oriental meets Occidental. Zero Engineering meets Harley-Davidson.

The T5 Blackie, despite its dubious name, is a mechanical “Last Samurai”. It's shed all its frills, it's painted completely black, its grown taller bars. Tony Stark used its brother, the T6, to great manly effect in Iron Man. Enough said?

2. Magpul Ronin

From the ashes of Harley's Buell brand, rose the Magpul Ronin. Designed by Magpul Industry Corp (a weapons maker), the Ronin, like its namesake intends to continue the philosophy of Buell (challenge the status quo) even if its master no longer existed.

It looks like a weapon sent from the future to wage war on inferior street racers, and even the dorkiest man will look supremely warrior-like on this nightmarish motorbike.


3. Robb Handcrafted Cycles Harley

Aussie men are manly. Ask Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin. Australian men like Dylan Robb builds custom bikes in his own shed with almost his bare hands (look ma, no tools). So if Robb crosses a 67 Harley engine with Ducati forks and carbon fibre, then it is a manly bike.

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