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3 Motorbike Hi-Tech Gadgets

Technology has found its way into the world of motorcyling and, whether you like it or not, will be here to stay.

Purists may say that hi-tech devices and gadgets do nothing more than to distract the rider from the pure joy of riding.

Nevertheless, even traditionalists can agree that some gadgets are incredibly useful. And there are those that are useful only to a very niche market, like the three below.

1. Nelson Rigg CL-GPS Journey Mate Magnetic Mount Tank Bag
No matter how much you'll want to deny it, you're almost certain to own a smartphone and almost certain to have used it even when riding your motorcycle. This device is really a smartphone holster, allowing you to mount your phone on your tank or dash. With the Best Biking Roads app included, you can take favourite routes from other motorcyclists based on user-submitted videos, picture ad comments. Load up the MotorMinder to help remind you when to perform maintenance tasks such as oil and filter replacements and tyre pressure.

The tank bag has pockets designed for your phone, music device, and a GPS pocket, creating a multimedia dashboard for any bike. Its magnetic attachment points don’t require any permanent attachment pieces and won’t scratch your paint. The clear pockets are touch screen friendly, and you can attach the entire bag to the Nelson Rigg CL-2015 Journey Sport Tank Bag to add in storage capabilities.

2. Adaptiv Technologies TPX Visual Alert
If you're a speed junkie, then a good radar detector can make your riding a lot more safer, alerting you to possible dangers ahead of you long before you can see them. It should also alert you if you're being monitored for speed by a radar/laser gun so you can avoid those speeding tickets.

Far simpler to use than most radar detectors that require you to connect wirelessly to your helmet, the TPX Visual Alert attaches to your main console or handlebars. It's waterproof, easily attachable and has adjustable lighting to aid night riding.

3. High Power Greenlight Stuff Trigger
Tired of waiting at traffic lights and wondering if the green light magnetic strip sensors in the road simply didn't detect you because you were too stealthy or too quick? This gadget ensures that your bike is detected by traffic lights, ensuring you don't waste precious minutes idling at the red light.

It's completely legal, by the way.


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