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4 Strange Bikes You Wish You Owned

Custom bikers are a strange lot. So it's perfectly natural if their creations seem strange to the rest of us.

You'll probably never have the resources (time, money, genius) to own something that could spew exhaust on the same lane as these metal creatures, but being able to look at them and enjoy them is the next best thing.

Here are four strange bikes you wish you owned.

1. The Jaguar “Leaper”

Right, so the creator, Barend Massow Hemmes, from Massow Concept Motorcycles was actually a huge fan of Jaguar, but he felt that the leaping cat was actually better suited on a motorcyle, so he went ahead and built one. Sure, it makes the rider look like he's humping a giant cat but with a registration plate of Cat 1, and a lot of chrome under you, who cares? Its even been operational since 2010.

Who says the British aren't crazy anymore?

2. sunRed

When it comes to developing a solar-powered motorcycle, Spain's sunRED had to get a little more creative. Sliding panels on this soon-to-be-built prototype roll back to give the rider access to the seat, and form a complete cocoon around the bike when it's parked to soak in the sun, like Superman.

Featuring some other interesting innovations, the sunRED prototype could make a practical short-range commuter, with a range of 13 miles and a top speed around 30mph. It's interesting to look at too, in a "Tron meets an armadillo" sort of way - but we'd hate to see the damage bill if it falls over.

3. Gilera Fuoco 500

From another crazy European country comes the Gilera Fuoco. Italy's Piaggo makes very popular scooters but this tricycle concoction is powerful: a new Master 500 engine which develops a maximum power of 40 HP at 7,250 rpm and top speed of about 145 kph: the "heart" of a true maxi. It's fully compliant with Euro regulations and is very in with the hipsters of San Francisco.

4. Rapom V-8

The Rapom V8 is the most powerful motorcycle in Britain, and it runs on pure alcohol. "Runs on pure alcohol?" What a great selling line for an uber-macho-cool machine like this one (packing 1,000 - 1,200 bhp)!

The Rapom engine is a massive 8.2 litre supercharged V8 monster truck powerhouse with as much power as a Bugatti Veyron. Bike creator Nick Argyle made sure that it is also street-legal.

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