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5 Things You Can Modify To Give Your Bike That Custom Look

Whether or not you realise it, you've probably customised your motorcycle. From the subtle, five-minute changes that only you would notice, such as fitting Renthal grips on your handles, to the more obvious eye-grabbing alterations that no-one can miss – like multi-thousand pound paint schemes – any modification technically makes your bike a custom one.

Of course, for some, the looks and the desire to be noticed are the ultimate goals when modifying their bike. So if you think your ride isn't turning enough heads, here are some suggestions.

1. Go long
Traditional choppers are long. Really long. The longer your chopper, the more heads will turn. If size matters to you, like it does for most men and women, then go for a FireBlade chop. Hell, even a 1936 Böhmerland wheelbase will pull in looks.

2. Hub Centre Steering
HCS is characterized by a swingarm that extends from the bottom of the engine/frame to the centre of the front wheel instead of a fork…or in layman terms, it's a cooler-looking steering system. Some bikes that have them are the Vyrus 985 C3 and the Mead & Tomkinson Kawasaki 'Nessie'.

3. Bicycle Parts
Wait, what? Isn't it a downgrade? Not really, if you consider that mountain bike materials are getting sturdier, safer and more lightweight, it can make sense to use bicycle parts on a custom bike, such as hydraulic disc brakes. Guaranteed to make your wheels look different from others.

4. Turbochargers
Mad Max riders may not have been sound of mind, but they didn't have bad ideas for speed. Add an extra 100hp or even 150hp to your motorbike by fitting these baddies on. Aerocharger Turbo Systems is a good place to start looking.

5. Engine Swap
Fitting in the motorcycle equivalent of a nuclear power plant in a frame meant to house the equivalent of a coal plant can prove to be one hell of a job… but if you somehow manage to put a GSX-R1100 into a 600 Bandit or an XJR1300 in a Honda CB… you'll have one hell of a ride. And everyone will know it too.

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