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5 Words That Bikers Understand Differently

Say it how you like. Bikers are a different kind of animal. Whether they're staunch loyalists, part-time wannabes or closet purists, they're all tied together by a unique culture that embraces being different.

For some, this is reflected in the way they customise their bikes. For others, it's merely a shared thirst of limitless road and open sky.

It doesn't matter how deep biker roots go or how they're raised, they're also a fraternity that has come to use a unique language, especially in North America.

Here are some words that bikers use in an altogether different context and how they differ from how the Average Joe might use it.

1. Coupon
What it means to Average Joe (AJ): A piece of paper that entitles you to a free cappuccino at Starbucks.
What it means to a Biker: A speeding ticket from local law enforcement. Also known as a Fast Riding Award.

2. PMS
AJ: Pre-menstrual Syndrome traditionally experienced by women but modern males are increasingly prone.
Biker: Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. A perfectly legitimate blanket excuse for enhanced susceptibility to irritation, distress and irrational paranoia due to a severe lack of motorcycle use.

3. Wrench
AJ: A standard inclusion in a general toolbox used for gripping and turning the head of a pipe, a nut, bolt etc. Usage has declined in the modern household.
Biker: The mysterious, greasy guy you send your broke bike to get it all repaired and restored to normal health. Sometimes called a mechanic.

4. Brain bucket
AJ: An obscure tool in the butcher's shed, or a prop used in horror movies.
Biker: The bucket used to protect your brain from the asphalt. Also known as a skid lid, helmet.

5. Squid
AJ: Generic name for any of a number of ten-armed cephalopods, distinguishable by a slender body and a pair of rounded or triangular caudal fins. People pay a lot of money to eat a waste product of the squid in foods such as squid ink pasta.
Biker: Acronym for Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Imminently Dead. Wannabe noob bikers who ride too fast and without enough protection.
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