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Stickers : The Best Accessory for your motorcycle

Our motorcycles are our pride and joy. The pride of ownership is one the reasons we say " my bike " instead of " the bike ". Regardless of how awesome your bike is, there will always be thousands of identical production models out there. Making your bike stand out from the generic mass produced group is not a very affordable task.

Personalisation does not need to cost an arm and a leg

Motorcycle accessories don't come cheap and may involve making permanent changes to your ride. Now it is possible to give your bike that personalized custom look any where in the world! All you need are motorcycle stickers.

Motorcycle Stickers

Motorcycle stickers are the ultimate motorcycle accessory in terms of personalisation and cost. They add the bling of a custom paint job and lettering without the high price tag that comes with buying body kits, high end rims or getting a professional paint job. The best part is that you can get them shipped to any part of the world and do it yourself!

Motorcycle stickers come in a wide variety of styles to fit all bikes of different make and build. Suppose that you could not find the one that you want out of the 260 bike variants in our store, we can easily customise your hearts desire. Motorcycle stickers come in three basic categories.

Inner Rim Stickers
Outer Rim Tape / Outer Rim Stickers
Body stickers

Inner Rim Stickers

  • Stuck on the inner portion of your rim.
  • Any font or lettering can be customised
  • Fitment from more than 260 different motorcycles
  • 20 color choices including reflectives

Outer Rim Stickers

  • Also known as rim stripes or rim tape
  • Comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns from dual color custom patterns to old school rim tape that looks like it was painted on by hand.
  • Gun metal skull designs patterned among my little pony logos. We can make anything your heart desires.

Body Stickers

  • There are standard body stickers for every bike
  • You can personalise anything and everything.
  • Include your favorite quote, your company name or a cartoon character that is close to your heart to be placed upon your bike.
  • Just give is the design and we shall execute with the appropriate finish be it matte, gloss or even reflective.
  • For our newly launched KustomStick variety, you can apply any design, pattern or color to a sticker that is printed, laminated and cut.  

Our stickers are only made with high quality material from 3M and Oracal. We can produce anything you can dream up to create a motorcycle that is truly a reflection of your own unique personality. Talk to us to find out more.


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