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Are You Dressed For Your Bike?

That fancy new Hayabusa you bought rides well, purrs well and has made you a few new frenemies at the office. And why not? You got that promotion, you made that big sale, you earned that fat bonus.

Nothing defines your character and personality like the sleek yet muscular form of your Kawasaki Ninja H2. But while all the attention should be on the machine you're riding (and rightly so), you don't want to distract by using everything else that isn't on par with the luxury clearly afforded by your ride.

For this reason alone, you'll want to dress like your bike: loud and fast, leaving a hell of an impression.

Gentlemen, Choose Your Leather
Hopefully, you didn't buy your leather jacket straight from the dealership – sure the most expensive ones are cured right and look smart but regular jackets are made for regular people.

You're a winner and you've got a fast bike. A crash (or a skid, since you only drive at 100 kmph) is going to rip through your dealership jacket. You want one that has protection for your elbows, shoulders and along your spine – double, even triple-sewn armour in the linings. Think the Dainese Racing D1 Perforated Leather Jacket.

Your Boots Weren't Made For Walking
Hopefully, you on't just use your bike for commuting to work. The weekend crowds at the pubs need to gawk at your bike too, you know?

Biker boots are made so you forget you have them on for those long rides. Always check that your pair is shock absorbent. Your boots should also have a strong heel that widens out to the ankle, protecting your feet from flying debris. Maybe the Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Boots could be the right fit for you.


All these features add to the price, especially if style and comfort aren't sacrificed but luckily that won't be a problem for you.

Who Said Fashion Forgot Helmets?
If you're looking to upgrade your helmet's sense of style, you won't find much luck in regular stores. Why not check out luxury brands like the very French Ateliers Ruby?
Their latest ranges claim to be the most comfortable yet and feature anti-bacterial properties for improved hygiene for those long, sweaty rides. They even come with twill silk scarves if you're man enough.

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