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Built For Riding, Great For Walking: 5 Great Urban Riding Shoes

It can be so tempting to just hop on to your motorcycle when the itch to ride comes a 'calling. After all, why waste a few minutes of glorious road-hugging to change into your riding boots, right?

Perhaps true in the past, but given that most motorbike accidents happen within five miles of your garage, you cannot ignore the need for protection, from head to toe.

And with modern footwear for riders having really improved over the years – providing you the best safety and protection while still maintaining good looks and style, you don't have to be concerned anymore about switching boots.

Just get one that's suitable off and on the road, like these pairs.

1. Alpinestars Oscar Rayburn Riding Shoes
These shoes are nothing short of a bespoke leather heirloom that'll look right at home with your cafe racer. Transitioning seamlessly from cutting through mid-day traffic to your morning work meetings or after-work drinks, these beauties house an integrated toe box, heel counter, shift pad and TPU ankle disc.

2. Rev'it Fairfax
It may not look it, but the stylish Fairfax has some of the best rider protection hidden under all that gloss. You'll get crush resistance from thermoformed heel cups and toe caps, while its injected ankle cup insulates your feet's main hinges. A reflective pull tab will also give you better visibility in poor light conditions. They're built to look like sneakers too, so you can step right off your bike and get into it.

3. Stylmartin Chester
No surprise that this comes out of Italy, as it's almost-denim look leather brings out the most sophisticated casual style a rider can have. Full-grain abrasion resistance and water repellant properties ensure that these also serve as an all-weather solid style sneaker.

4. Forma Urban Touch Dry Shoes
Want to maintain a sporty look even after jumping off your saddles? Then the Urban Touch Dry Shoes are the kicks for you. Almost looking like a meaner Air Jordan VI, these shoes have oil-treated full-grain leather and a Cordura upper with double-density rubber sole to ensure it makes the grade for riding shoes. Protection is completed with injected reinforced ankle protection in the upper while a plastic shifter pad is woven into the toe cap.

5. Puma Enroute Mid Riding Shoes
Another athletically styled pair, the Enroute's design emphasises the latest in ergonomics research. Puma's excellence on the track ensures that its collective knowledge goes into the all-round heel protection and full wraparound shifter and peg supports. Comfort is guaranteed with removable sock liners, EVA midsole and integrated metal vents.

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