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Cool Tools To Have For Your Motorcycle Repairs

If you're like most motorcycle owners or if you're frequently repairing bikes, then you can understand the value of a good tool. It also helps to have tools that are superior in terms of added usefulness – one tool that does multiple things is better than having a shed full of clutter.

Here are some of the fancier tools you may want to consider - not just to show off and lend to friends but also to make your work a joy.

1. Motion Pro 08-0397 Chrome Hex Axle Tool
Almost all modern bikes use Allen Keys but it can be hard to determine which size to bring in your toolkit. This beauty solves that problem for you, fitting from 17 to 24 mm, allowing you to remove most front axles.

2. Traxxion Dynamics Fork Rebuild Tools
If you want to be one of the few to own specialised fork repair tools, this is it. Forks are still a bit of a mystery for home mechanics but the Traxxion Dynamics will make you look like a seasoned pro, using a spring compressor to pull the damper rod out for easy access when reassembling the fork.

3. Goss GP-600 Soldering Brazing Trigger Torch
Blowtorches are always cool… but few come in a sexier and tinier package than the Goss GP-600. Replaceable Tip End, flame lock, adjustable valve and ergonomic hand grip makes removing rusty bolts and stuck brake rotor bolts a comfortable affair.

4. Pit Bull stands
If you're new to modern bikes, you might have been surprised at their lack of centre stands… so separate stands are required for things like oil change or tyre repairs. American made Pit Bull stands are the toughest things on the market and can lift just any kind of large bike.

5. Morgan Carbtune Carb and Fuel Injector Sychoniser
It's a simple concept for multi-cylinder bikes: get each cylinder to get the same amount of fuel and do the same amount of work for a smooth-running engine. With this tool, you can easily synchronise the carburetors or fuel injectors. It uses steel pucks that measure vacuum by sliding up clear tubes, enabling you to sync your cylinders at home.
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