Written by Annette Ashwini Joseph

All men you’ve known would either possess a motorbike themselves or would love to jump at the idea of owning one if they haven’t already. Ask even the most prudent of men and chances are, there’s a bike lover brewing in them.

Even at a glance, it’s easy to see why; motorbikes give the rider a huge pang of freedom. Being a non-conformist myself, that’s exactly the type of “feel” men (arguably the more rebellious between the genders) absolutely love!

For a biker, they love it when they ride and all the wealth of information present one may get while riding terrains. It not only lies in the road conditions, rather as if their presence has elevated altogether to another level. Bikers swear they see more (better clarity), hear more (enhanced hearing), well-refined analytical skills (lean angling and road condition comments) and lastly, they claim to live more (raised senses and awareness resulting in increased adrenaline!).

Hollywood has done much ado when it comes to glamorizing motorbikes (think James Dean with a cigarette, gleaming with poise on that bike) into mainstream pop culture, leading to every man’s desire of owning a bike themselves or a woman somewhere dreaming of dating a biker.
In today’s day and age, we see a spike in women taking an interest towards the dual-wheeled machine once dominated almost entirely by the male species. Let’s not ride there, but picture a svelte sexy femme fatale even just sitting on a motorbike and the prowess it has to leave a man in a twist.

Although often critiqued for being the least safe among motor vehicles, the practicality behind a motorcycle goes hardly unnoticed. We are talking about ease of parking, lesser fuel consumption and the insignificant space it takes up while on the road; a far cry from what the typical, more popular automobile has to offer!

Ask any motorbike owner and they would tell you that a bike gives them an immense sense of life! Some men even save their bike enthusiasm for their retirement age as they claim riding a motorbike really gives them a whole new level of living instead of merely just existing.

The underlying reason, of course, lies in its appeal to the opposite sex! Ask any woman and they would be quick to go on about how they would love the idea of a guy on a bike; you know that ‘bad boy’ vibe it exudes altogether. Even a man in office wear could easily level up his game if caught on a bike.
It oozes a sense of ruggedness which yell utter testosterone on so many levels!

It’s commonplace for biker men to be often bombarded by the many risks riding a motorbike poses, yet, not even an ounce of consideration is usually taken when advise is given to a bike enthusiast cos that’s what biking really embodies; the rebellion, the non-conformist and a strong penchant for freedom!

So before the next time, someone starts revving their mouth on about the perilous nature of motorbikes, stick your key into the ignition, get them to hop on behind you and take them a sail for a ride of their lifetime! Show them what it’s like to well, rebel without a cause!

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