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Dos and Don'ts for Your Motorcycle Stickers

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When choosing stickers, you want to opt for the high quality ones because they are generally more durable. High quality stickers don’t decolorize under hot and cold weather so easily, and are usually able to withstand abrasive usage. On top of that, they also usually look better because they come with a layer of laminate film to protect the vibrant colors. However, it’s advisable that you do your part to ensure that your stickers last even longer, and maintain their appeal. Here are some dos and don’ts for your bike stickers.


  • Proper Application of the Stickers

Before we even get to the dos and don’ts, you must properly apply your stickers. Proper application  will ensure that the stickers are not easily damaged, and is the best way to keep stickers from peeling and remain firmly in place. Here’s a full step-by-step process for proper sticker application.

  • Regular Cleaning with the Correct Method

Literally just wash with water and light soap. Most stickers are washable. Thoroughly clean the area to make sure that it’s clear of any debris, dirt or mud, but do not scrub. Rinse and clean with a microfiber cloth to dry. Remember to only wash using low pressure water and perpendicular to the stickers, without focusing the spray along the edges of the stickers.

  • Use a Protection Tape

Ever heard of a sticker protection tape? It’s not very common, but it’s not uncommon either. Some stores have it, you just gotta ask for it. The protection tape works as an added transparent layer of protection for your stickers to prevent the edges from lifting, and as a scratch-resistant surface. At Stickman Vinyls, we have our very own unique Protect Tape. Just drop us a line.

  • Protect Your Motorcycle from the Different Weathers

We know that not everyone has the privilege of an indoor parking space for their bike, but as far as possible, try to park your motorcycle in a shaded or covered area. Daily exposure to the sun for long hours will take its toll on not just your stickers, but also on the plastic and rubber parts of your bike.

  • Use Laminated Stickers/Laminate Your Stickers

You can either buy pre-laminated stickers, or laminate your existing stock of stickers. Lamination provides the stickers with an added layer of protection, subsequently making them robust and more durable to abrasion. Here’s 3 reasons why laminated stickers are better than regular stickers.


  • Don’t Do Any Harsh Cleaning

Do not ever scrub your stickers with anything. Not even with a microfiber cloth. If there are any tough stains on the sticker, use a microfiber cloth and apply a little more weight, but not too much. As far as possible, try to gently wash the stickers with a sponge. Other abrasive cleaning materials are a big no. Pressure washer, also another big no.

  • Don’t Wipe Up Against the Sharp Edges

This is pretty self-explanatory. Everybody knows how stickers work. You keep wiping against the edges, the edges will eventually lift. And once that happens, the stickers are not going to stick properly again.

  • Don’t Clean Within 5 Days of Application

After applying a new set of stickers, do not clean them for at least 5 days. In fact, try to ride the bike as little as possible for the 5 days. Let the stickers properly stick onto the surface before being tested by any kind of external force.

  • Don’t Delay Cleaning Contaminants

If you find that there are any kind of contaminants like oil, tree sap, or bird droppings on your sticker, don’t leave it there - clean it up immediately. Stickers can be quickly damaged by contaminants and even worse, be permanently discolored. Also, delaying the cleaning process might cause the contaminant to fuse with the sticker, ultimately resulting in removing the sticker.



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