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Ducati Theme Park Set in Stone for 2019

Ducati just revealed that they will be opening their very own Ducati World theme park in 2019!

The world’s first motorcycle-themed park would be based in Emilia-Romagna, of exactly 35,000 square-meters of top-tier land.

Ducati World would not only consist of roller coaster and rides, but they would let you on a whole nother different experience with virtual reality and museums to take you back in the time of when and how it all started for Ducati. Ducati themselves made a great claim of promising Ducati World to be one of the best amusement parks in the world!


This motorcycle-themed park definitely is not only for children but the older audience no doubt would be enjoying themselves as well! Everything in this amusement park would entirely be based on Ducati from the theme park goodies, to food and expect a jaw-dropping showroom!

According to Alessandro Cicognani the Ducati Licensing and Corporate Partnership Director “Ducati world will give visitors a chance to live an exciting journey inside the Ducati brand.” The concept of Ducati World would be the same as Disneyland; to let you experience what is it like being inside of Disney. Now, imagine being on a roller coaster with a powerful engine as if you are on one of the greatest motorcycles by this iconic Bologna brand. In addition to that, the virtual reality simulators would be life-sized, therefore creating more of an unbelievable assisted experiences ever from these prime motorcycles.


The Ducati World’s museum would exhibit great collections from the past, from the very beginning to its great technological leaps and iconic bikes that we know and love.

As exciting as this all sound, we gonna have to wait until 2019 to the doors to open. It would all be worth it because right there in Emilia-Romagna we will be waiting!

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