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Enduro Mods To Try For Your Off-Roader

Own a modern dirt bike that's primed for motocross but feeling the itch to perhaps tune down your MotoCrosser so she can still roar in the jungle and off-road?

Or perhaps you were inspired by X Games legends such as Bobby Prochnau, Jason Schrage, Josh Long, Guy Giroux, or even Cory Graffunder and Chantelle Bykerk?

But you don't really have the cash (or aren't really as crazy)? It's still possible to slap on a few enduro mods at a fraction of the price and half of the crazy.

1. Hand guards

When you crack into a tree, you want something other than your fingers, levers and bars to take the impact. Hand guards are the answer. Look for full hand guards with a steel bar mount for handlebars, like the Star Series or Trail Star.

2. Pipe guard

If you're on a 2-stroke, your pipes come out of the motor and is vulnerable to dangers such as rocks and logs that can damage your pipe, robbing your ride of power and feel. If you're riding extremely rough mountain terrain, you may even want to consider a caged pipe guard.

3. Over-sized tank

If you're racing several hours at a stretch, and doing tough steep climbs, even eight litres will not be enough juice. Carrying that extra fuel may save you from long walks to the refuel point. JGT (JustGasTanks) specialise in oversizing while Rocky Mountain is another popular manufacturer.

4. Bash/Skid plate

If you plan on log hopping a lot (or if you think you might bash into one) then you'll want to make sure your lower side of engine case is well protected by a skid plate. The case is one of the toughest parts of your bike but it's pretty much a terminal problem if they get damaged.

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