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Five electric bikes worth taking a look at

Plenty of awesome advances in electric motorcycles have taken place in the past few years, making it more practical for everyday commuters to use. While, they may not necessarily be easy on the pocket, they can be considerably cost-effective to run.

Energica Ego
It may be expensive to buy at £18k, but it’s incredibly cheap to run. It's got one of the most exciting power deliveries of any engine and also rides well despite its weight.

Handles superbly, which really is just the icing on the cake.  

Zero DSR
The DSR by American firm Zero offers the most capable and real-world electric bike yet. It's lighter than a lot of other electric bikes too, tipping the scales at 190kg and will cover nearly 150 miles from a single charge. Its styling is also conventional; it doesn’t scream that it’s an electric bike.

Alta Redshift SM
Alta opened a new factory in the US earlier this year specifically to produce the Redshift MX and SM motorcycles. The SM is a featherweight as far as electric bikes go too, tipping the scales at just 122kg, and at just £11,900 it’s also cheap, though it does only have a 50-mile range.

Gogoro Smart Scooter
Gogoro have done something slightly different with their electric scooters and have been revolutionising travel in Taiwan. It’s most notable feature is the swappable batteries, which you can exchange at one of hundreds of docking stations. You just change your two batteries for fresh ones. The whole process takes about as long as it would to fill a conventional motorcycle with fuel.

APWroks Light Rider
The Light Works motorcycle was revolutionary when it was unveiled earlier this year. While it may not have been the fastest electric bike by a long way – with a top speed of just 50mph – it weighs in at a mere 35kg and is manufactured using a 3D printing process.

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