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Five of the Greatest Stunt Bikers

We all love cruising down the road with our bike while the sun sets. However, there are those that just love the thrill of looking at the grim reaper of death in the eyes when riding and pull some crazy stunts that we could not even think of. Just watching the motorcycle stunt riders pull off their moves, cheating death. We’ve listed some of these daredevils; the videos will raise the back your hair.



In the 70s, Robert “Evel” Knievel got people talking. You could recognize him from afar because of his bright jumpsuits and flare for the extraordinary, which set him apart in the world of motorcycle stunt riders. He’s done things you can’t even imagine, like jumping a tank full of sharks, and 50 cards without a scratch! However, he inevitably suffered from a number of injuries, but it did not stop him. Knievel’s longest jump ever was a whopping 141-feet at Caesar’s Palace Hotel. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to clear the fountains and missed his landing; which got him to the hospital. But of course, injuries doesn’t stop this extraordinary stuntman. Knievel successfully jumped 50 stacked cars at the Los Angeles Coliseum in front of a crowd of 35,000, which led him to achieve a world record where Knievel jumped 14 greyhound buses at King’s Island amusement park in Ohio, 1975.





White Helmets motorcycle display team, Blandford Camp, Dorset, UK, 30th September, 2017. Royal Signals White Helmets - Stock Image


It’s not just one motorcycle stuntman, but a group of stuntmen, performing in coordinated routines. With their over the top stunts and trademark white helmets, this group will keep you at the edges of your seat. The team consists of 30 members, they perform acrobatic maneuvers while on motorcycles. They started way back in the 20s and showed us their skills for 90 years. However, the team is being wound up and its members return to their army duties behind their computer and radar screens after a farewell series of displays at the Chatsworth House country fair, in Derbyshire, England





Putt Mossman
Orren ”Putt” Mossman, born in 1906, began his stuntman career as part of a troop that toured around the world. He stood out the most, out of his other fellow stuntmen as his stunts could only be performed by him. Putt’s performances consisted of blindfolded jumps, juggling eggs while posed on one foot atop the saddle of a speeding motor, dragging behind a motor with only his hands hanging on the luggage carrier and many other daring tricks. Putt continued to perform into his 70s. He was not only sticking to one activity but also was an award-winning horse shoe pitcher, winning the national title twice! Put also played baseball, wrestled professionally and was an expert marksmen.





Also known as “The Wheelie King” became popular during the 80s and 90s. He has the unbelievable ability to balance and ride a motorcycle on its rear wheel, and his natural sportsmanship, which landed him to be one of the premier motorcycle performers of the 1980s and 90s and also earned himself a feature in the Guinness Book of World Records. Domokos landed the Guinness Book of World Record after setting a wheelie record of 145 miles at Talladega Speedway in Alabama in 1984. He also held world records for wheeling eight passengers on a three-wheeler and six passengers on a four-wheel ATV. This daredevil’s record last for a whole decade. Could you imagine doing a wheelie with that many obstacles?





Like his famous father, Evel Knievel, Robbie had the love for motorcycle stunts. At the age of 4, he began riding and then appeared alongside his father at the age of 8. Like father like son, a number of his stunts were just like his dad’s. Robbie had set 20 world records and made an astounding 350 jumps in his career. One of Robbie’s best jumps was a replica of his father’s jump which nearly had put his father out of commission for years. Robbie successfully completed the Caesar’s Palace jump, dedicating it to his father


 And there you have it, the riders that love cheating death. Do you think you could try the Wheelie? or maybe making a jump?

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