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How to Choose the Right Stickers for Your Motorcycle

Bike Stickers

When looking to accessorize your motorcycle, the most flexible and inexpensive option is stickers. There are infinite designs to choose from, they are easily available, and they are even customizable to your preference. However, like all products, stickers have a range of quality too. So here are a few things to consider when choosing stickers:


  • No Residue When Removed 

    One of the most obvious reasons to opt for stickers is having the liberty of removing the current ones you have and installing new ones without having to do any permanent or heavy modification, and without damaging your bike. The only way to do that, is to choose stickers that leave no residue behind when removed. If you are familiar with vinyls and decals, you know that the cheaper ones are either really hard to remove, or don’t stick on properly. So make sure when purchasing your stickers, ask for ones that have strong adhesive but don’t leave residue when removed.


  • Tough and Long Lasting

    The last thing you want is to properly install a sticker, only to have the colours fade away, and for the sticker to start bubbling within the first couple of months. Instead of enhancing the look of your ride, it now looks worse than before. This is actually a very common problem in the stickers industry, and what you want to look for are weatherproof outdoor stickers that are coated with a protective UV laminate. These stickers are able to withstand exposure to all sorts of extreme weather - rain, snow, and especially direct sunlight in high heat, and are super durable against strong winds and minor scratches when riding your motorcycle at higher speeds. This is especially important for stickers that are installed on dynamic parts, such as rims.


  • Strong Adhesive and Slightly Stretchable

    The parts that you wish to put your stickers on aren’t necessarily going to be flat surfaces, so you need stickers that have a strong adhesive and are slightly stretchable so that they can be easily applied on curved or angled surfaces. A common problem riders face with more rigid stickers is the peeling of the stickers at the angle or curve. But remember, you want a strong adhesive that doesn’t leave residue.


  • Odorless

    In case you have not noticed, stickers do have an odor, and some a lot worse than the rest. The ones with a really strong smell will have the odor stick around for quite some time, and if you have your bike parked indoors, it becomes a little more obvious. Ask your seller for stickers that are odorless or don’t have a strong odor. 


  • High Quality Backing Paper

    The steps of applying your sticker begin with the process of peeling the sticker off the die-cut or kiss-cut backing paper, so that’s your first checkpoint. Choose stickers that have a sturdy backing paper so that the stickers are well preserved, and the quality is maintained. High quality backing paper also allows for stickers to be peeled easily and effortlessly, whether the stickers are die-cut or kiss-cut. Of course, kiss-cut stickers protect the stickers better so when buying die-cut ones, make sure that they are well kept and not damaged or deformed.

    So, that’s 5 things to think about when purchasing your next set of stickers. We at abide by the rules of manufacturing high quality and premium stickers for your motorcycle, and we deliver to your doorstep. And oh, we give out spares too!

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