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ICON Motosports' New Axys Collection: Built For The Mean Streets

For a company founded barely 14 years ago, ICON has stayed in the racing scene after bursting onto it with its unrelenting brashness and their famous “heavy right wrist”. Barely operating within the law, they are known for their forthright championing of street racing (or, ‘modern performance rider’ if you want to be politically-correct), their products are designed to address the unique needs of street riders—unforgiving asphalt, gravel-strewn corners, and inattentive cagers.

If you're hugging the streets on a daily basis, then you know that this means you're accident-prone and your riding gear prioritises safety and protection above all else. ICON knows this and recognises downed riders with a “Busted and Broken” badge, earned only after a proven and documented crash.

You'll want to check out the latest featured racing wear from ICON, introduced as the Axys Collection:

Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon Helmet
The Airframe Pro Ghost Carbon is silent. No logos, graphics, gimmicks. It has a dramatically reduced shell profile, track-recognized ECE certification and features a unique “Angle of Attack” orientation - eyeport, vents, neckroll and aerodynamics geared towards a full-throttle, aggressive sports bike riding posture.

ICON 1000 Axys Jacket
When the proverbial stuff hits the fan, and it will, you want leathers you can count on. The Icon 1000 Axys's 1.1-1.3mm TrackSpec™ leather chassis has vents, combined with perforations, providing much-needed flow. Removable liner quilts quickly adjust to the gnarliest riding conditions.

Internal D3O® impact protectors (shoulder, elbow, and back) complete the package around a chain-stitched chest logo.

ICON 1000 Axys Gloves
Protect your hands with French cowhide and quilted goatskin palm overlays. But that's all the pampering they get because the exterior is a no-nonsense debossed neoprene, reinforced with D3O® knuckle inserts.
It promises to be as good for face-slapping as it does for handle-gripping.

ICON 1000 Retrograde Boots
Don't let the classic outlay fool you. These boots are built for the burn and scrape of the streets.

Hiding a metal shin plate, cupsole construction, xialmetric steel shank and adjustable midfoot stabilizer strap show these pack a mean pair of kicks.
With the ICON Axys, the next time you fly into a glorious crash, you stand a better chance of getting right back up.

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