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MotoGP Releases New 2019 E-Class Model

Electric motorcycles in 2019 will start to have their own MotoGP spec class organized by Dorna. But it doesn't end there because Energica, the Italian electric bike producer is going to be the main supplier of their Ego model.

There are two things that make people hesitant about purchasing an electric vehicle. Battery life and the overall weight that could limit the possibilities of maximum performance both on the road and racing. These two problems that experts have been trying to overcome. In result to that, according to, Dorna may build stations in many race tracks to charge the bikes with solar power. However, Energica stated that the Ego model’s current battery actually produces more energy than needed for short races.

Weight could also be a huge determining factor of whether or not racers would opt for electric vehicles, losing the weight would be the only option for the Ego model. Originally 570 lbs, would hopefully drop to 450 lbs with the top speed of 200 miles per hour.

For traditional MotoGP class lovers out there, do not fret! The new E-Class would not pose a threat to the traditional MotoGP, it just shows how MotoGP is capable of inventing a more advanced bike whilst at the same time develops environmental consciousness.

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