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Motorbike Stickers – What's The Difference?

Finally, after years of saving up, you've traded in your ancient Honda Cup (more like sold it for scrap metal if you consider how much you got for it) and got yourself a shiny new Japanese toy.

Finally your girlfriend doesn't hide her face when she rides pillion.

One of the first things on your mind is probably how to personalise your bike and the easiest and cheapest answer is to use stickers. But with so many to choose from, you might want to get a head start by learning the types of stickers available out there:

1. Static cling stickers
Static clings are a good start if you're not sure you want to keep the sticker image on your bike forever. They're quite popular, all printers make them and they can be customised. Better than a temporary tattoo, you can stick on and remove the stickers very easily.

They don't use adhesive and stay in place through static electricity and moisture, hence the name static cling. The only thing is that they're usually limited to glass so you the only places you can use them are on mirrors or on the windshield/windscreen if your bike has one.

2. Adhesive stickers
These are beginning to be the most popular types of stickers for motorbikes and most serious bikers will have at least one or two on their ride. Adhesives are elegant and are used most often in competitive and commercial design due to its persistent value (they last very long).

The cheapest adhesives are made from paper but as digital printing has become more affordable, manufacturers have been able to shift more of the cost into quality material such as vinyl.

Vinyl decals are now the industry standard for glossy, personalised stickers that last a lifetime even in tropical weather.

All in all, stickers are a good and quick way to start personalising your motorcycle. With technology easily available, they're also a cost-effective way of getting your bike to say a thing or two about yourself.

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