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New vs Used: Common points to consider for biking beginners

If you’re a new rider, deciding between a brand new or used second-hand motorbike can be daunting. The good news is that there is really no right or wrong, only advantages and disadvantages.

And quite simply, all these variables depend on budgets, preferences, experience, and skills. Here’a quick comparison of the pros and cons of buying a new and preloved bike. Hopefully it helps making the choice less traumatising.

New Bike
Shiny chrome, unscratched paintwork and an undented seat
Feels great to ride
High probability of featuring the latest technology
Works to the highest standard
Always backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee

Used Bike
Prices are significantly lower than brand new models
Paying a bargain price for a pretty decent motorbike is highly likely thanks to quick depreciation rates
Reselling a used bike won’t see you losing as much money as a new bike
Used bikes are great for beginners to develop their skills with
There could be underlying problems with the bike that the previous owner may ‘forget’ to mention
These problems could be extremely expensive to repair
No more manufacturer’s guarantee
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