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On The Go: Bike Mechanic Apps

If you're a motorbike owner, and you love using your bike every day (200km on your daily clock is no big deal for you, really!) then you've probably needed to make repairs. Wear and tear, especially in hot and wet weather, is to be expected but if you're sending your bike to the repair shop every now and then, your maintenance cost can really add up.

Why not get an app to help you do all this from the convenience of your smartphone? Here are three apps you can download and install for free!

Motorcycle Mechanics

Would you like to know how to perform motorcycle repairs by yourself? Would you like to learn what are the necessary maintenance tasks of your Harley? With the app "Motorcycle Mechanic" you will have all the information you need to repair motorcycles from superbikes to scramblers, change wheels, repair headlights, replacing parts, know about its engine and maintenance.

You can also write your questions with doubts about a mechanic. Motorcycle Mechanics is one of the most popular and widely reviewed mechanic apps for Android devices.

Fix My Motorcycle

If you're using an iPhone, then check out this free app newly available on iTunes. It's actually designed as a game, but this 3D mechanic simulator has all the custom mods, fast parts and the best tools needed for a racing bike. Designed for GP bikes, it also has a few dirt drag models to play with.

So whether you own a Kawasaki MotoGP or an Ariane Moto2 or even a much older JJ Cobas TB5 1989, you can learn about customisation and repairs from spending a few hours on this app.

Motorcycle Repair Tips

If you're the one who just prefers reading about repairing tips or finding out about the latest news from other do-it-yourself repair mechanics like yourself, then you might want to try out the Motorcycle Repair Tips app from Mobango. Chockful of content, it'll also link you to external sites for in-depth information.

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