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One for the women: bikes women are riding

Over the years, women have crushed ideals that remotely suggest motorcycling is made only for men.

In fact, one common question often heard as openers for the topic of women and motorcycling is what the top 10 motorcycles for women are.

The truth is, there are none. There are no motorcycles made specifically for women but there are motorcycles that have become female rider favourites for their power, and well, the style factor helps a little too. 

Here are some of the more popular ones:

1. Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 SuperLow

Harley-Davidson introduced the Sportster 883 SuperLow in 2011 with a model designation of XL 883L. This model replaced the previous XL 883L, which was called the Sportster XL 883L—the L is for low. Both are hugely popular among women. These motorcycles have long been Harley’s entry-level model.

2. Kawasaki Ninja 250 / 300

The Ninja 250 has long been the go-to choice for beginning women riders desiring a sportbike style. In 2013, Kawasaki replaced the 250 with the all-new 300cc version without sacrificing all the confidence inspiring characteristics that made it a bestseller among women. 

3. Kawasaki Vulcan 900

The Custom, Classic or Classic LT—which are mostly style and comfort variations on the same motorcycle—competes head-to-head with the V Star 950 and the Sportster 883 SuperLow in engine size.

4. Triumph Bonneville

The vintage upright styling of the Triumph Bonneville has always been a hit among purists, but now there’s a new generation of women riders flocking to the light, low and easy handling British bike and motorcycles just like it. At just under 500 pounds, the low seat height of 29 inches and narrow profile makes it easy for nearly any rider to handle. 

5. Ducati Monster 696

The Monster 696 is light at just 410 pounds with a narrow profile and manageable seat height of 30.3 inches. The motorcycle inspires confidence, meaning that for riders still familiarizing themselves with how to handle and maneuver a motorcycle, the 696 blends right into your body, unlike some motorcycles that feel like an odd extension. 

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