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Part 2 - Ten Things You Need to do for an Adventure Ride

Part 1 of this article featured planning (date, realistic goal and  route), and basic knowledge of maintenance/repairs and dirt riding. Continue reading to know what more is needed...
6. Travel light

You don’t have to cram everything, despite having large panniers, voluminous top case, and tank bag, especially if you plan on riding off-road. The extra weight will cause you many more problems than what you’d think will “come in handy some time.”

That means leaving your tux and your gadgets. Be strong now.

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7. Fit new consumables

Remember that it’s an adventure you’re heading out to, not a ride to your neighborhood 7-Eleven, so fit new, high-quality brake pads, tires, cables, wheel bearings, chain, sprockets, oil and oil filter. if your adventure bike uses laced wheels and tires with inner tubes, do fit new, heavy duty ones.

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8. Don’t sweat the unexpected

There were times when we reached the border a little late to find it closed, torrential rain and wind that threatened to blow us off the road, the wooden bridge had washed away, the petrol station has no petrol, or all hotels are full. Just chill out and share the experience, as social media relishes the difficulties of others. Just joking.

Relax the best you can and look forward to that ‘cold’ indulgence when you get to your planned destination.

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9. Learn some local languages

Or have a mini dictionary ready. Knowing a few local greetings and customs will break the ice and get you out of most difficulties, especially when dealing with officials and people who seem hostile to your presence.

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10. Read up

This should fall under planning, however, it’s best to highlight on its own.

Grab a Lonely Planet book and bring along with you or a good book about dual-sport and adventure riding such as Carl Adams’ The Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling. The author had covered everything from buying and riding the correct bike and gear, to riding techniques.

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With all these planned, prepared and prioritized, you are set for the ultimate Adventure Ride of your life.



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