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Personalizing Your Motorcycle to Make It Truly Yours

Personalizing Motorcycle Rim Stickers Vinyls Stickman

A motorcycle is a one of a kind possession. The kind that we have thought about for a long time before finally mustering the confidence and strength to make the purchase. The kind that we obsess over and get overly attached to. If you’re a bike owner, you would definitely share the sentiment. But as we are aware, the available motorcycles are never manufactured specifically for us. They’re not special. They are manufactured for the mass market and no matter how much we wish that our bike is one of a kind, it’s just like every other of the same make and model, owned by thousands of others.

So, we look for ways to fulfill the longing of personalizing our motorcycle to make it really, truly ours. We want to be known as that rider with that bike. We want our motorcycle to be recognizable by other riders as “hey, that’s Lucy’s bike. Cool piece of work.” And so, we begin our personalization journey by sourcing for customizable aftermarket parts with different designs and colours to combine and make our machine unique. Before we know it, we’ve spent a couple of thousand bucks....yikes! 

There is however a less expensive option - and they’re called stickers! Stickers are pretty much the most versatile option of personalization, and can be replaced at any time. Imagine that. Cheap and replaceable. Not exactly our mantra at Stickman Vinyls but we’re happy to vouch for it.

Here, we would like to share with our audience about one of our loyal customers. Meet the beast of Brett, from Australia. Brett rides a Kawasaki Z1000 (of course he does), and over the years he has used stickers to personalize his motorcycle, giving it a look that resonates with his personality. Check out the before and after pictures.

  • Front and Rear Rims - Stickman Dual Pack Inner Rim Stickers

  • Personalizing Motorcycle Rim Stickers Vinyls StickmanPersonalizing Motorcycle Rim Stickers Vinyls Stickman


    Each of our rim stickers come as a set for both your front and rear wheel, and with spares - you know., in case mistakes are made and you never want to speak about it again. We got your back. The images you see above are before and after Brett successfully applied the stickers by himself.


  • Side profile Transition

  • Personalizing Motorcycle Rim Stickers Vinyls Stickman

    In the image above, you will see that Brett added stickers that are not too splashy or colorful. Aside from the Stickman rim stickers, he added a
    Monster Energy Sticker, a Cancer Awareness Sticker, and a Grey Decepticons Sticker. All very subtle additions to the bike, but granting a completely different look.


  • Four-time Transition of Brett’s Rear

  • Personalizing Motorcycle Rim Stickers Vinyls Stickman

    This is pretty cool. He started with a
    Blue Outer Rim Sticker and a Stock Exhaust Pipe, and then removed the outer rim sticker, and customized his exhaust pipe to an aftermarket Tri-hole Pipe. Then, he added a White Outer Rim Sticker, before finally adding Stickman’s Dual Pack Inner Rim Sticker and a Kawasaki decal.

    As you can see, Brett did not extravagantly spend on his motorcycle, but he did achieve his goal of personalizing his motorcycle. You can do it too. Need stickers? We can hook you up. 

    Stickman Vinyls has more than 200 designs of stickers available for you to choose from. All you gotta do is drop us a message. We ship globally and are more than happy to ship to you.

    Special thanks to Brett from Australia for sharing with us what he has done to personalize his ride. Check out his Instagram profile for more photos: @brettski_z1000.

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