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Rides and sights through Indochina

There’s that itch to ride again. No, not to the coffeeshop in town, or up and down the hillside. There’s that itch to really ride again, to feel the freedom that comes every time you get on your bike. It’s just you and your two-wheeler taking in the sights. No room for conversation, or where-to have-lunch fights. It’s like a first date all over again, just without the awkward silence.

But what if your wallet is the only thing between you and riding the world? Just how far could you go on a skinny budget? And what bike would you bring along for the ride?

Richard Hammond from BBC Top Gear and Charley Boorman from the TV series 'The Long Way Round' chose a 125cc Belarusian Minsk motorcycle, while Masterchef Gordon Ramsay opted for a vintage 650cc Russian Ural motorbike because he wanted raw power. 

Now, where to begin?

How about Northern Thailand for starters?

Dubbed to be possibly one of the world’s greatest motorcycle travel destinations for its unique routes, natural scenery and both motorcycling and non-motorcycling activities, Northern Thailand has become a home away from home for many bikers around the region and from afar.

Call in sick. Ride some more. Laos and all its breathtaking landscapes await. The Thakek Loop will bring you face to face with karst rock formations, mammoth-sized water reservoirs and caves calling out to be explored.

One last stop. You might as well.

Vietnam’s final frontier, or better know as the Ha Giang Province will show you nature like you’ve never seen before.

Limestone walls, hanging valleys, rice terraces, granite outcrops make this destination the most picturesque closer to a cost-effective riding adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Scratch that itch. Get on a bike and GO.


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