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Six Amazing Paint Jobs To Inspire You

Any one, literally, any one can paint a bike. But those crazy flames or foreign language characters is only impressive if you're 16. Like tattoos, custom paint jobs are easy to obtain but it does take a lot to make it truly unique.

No surprise then, to see that the two worlds of bike airbrushing and tattoo artistry are merging more and more. Here are six amazing paint jobs:

1. Cerberus on a Yamaha Custom 

What better way to impose your rough riding personality than the mythical three-headed hound guarding the gates to the Underworld?

2. Voodoo Child on a Custom Chopper 

Choppers don't need to be all black and gritty, as shown by this satin silver with minimalist pinstriping. The paint plays off the builder's design, and the design heightens the effect of the paint. It's perfect harmony.

3. Monster Gixxer on a Suzuki GSXR 1000

It's almost as if this had been a competition, where they were only given the choice of matte black and acid green. How do you make it work? By doing this slick job of  airbrushing.

4. Dusold on a Triumph Rocket III Custom

You don't need to do anything to a Triumph Rocket III. It's a bloody monster on its own. But you can give it to Dusold Designs, who'll turn it into a bigger, bluer monster.

5. Tribal on a Suzuki GSXR 1000 

Tribal art looks really good on a tribal body – it's hard, it's edgy, it's bound to stop hearts in their tracks. But it's really difficult to pull off on a motorcycle. On a white pearl background, this finish is incredible.

6. Retro Restoration on a Yamaha XS650

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is show restraint and match an old-school factory-spec paint job. 

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