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Something old, something new: Bike ads worth your time

It’s true: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, more like the biker in this case. You definitely won’t need to fall into a specific category to appreciate this collection of some of the best bike ads the world has had the pleasure of watching. Yes, there are product placements — plenty of them in fact — but there’s also dirt, and grit, and speed and a couple of things you probably wouldn't have seen coming.

So, if you’re winding down from the holidays, or need a time out from the festivities, you’ll want to grab a cold one and put your feet up to these.

Aprilia - Real bikes
An oldie, but a goldie…and dare we say a sucker punch for some. This 90-second spot starts off unassuming, simple, borderline cliche. Up till the very end.

Yamaha - WR adventure
It’s Friday, you’re at your desk but really, you’d rather be on your bike, revving through terrain with your mates, eating dirt as you and your troupe seek the corners of…your city for adventure? Yamaha lives the fantasy with you in this one.

Ducati - What moves you?
If you haven't found the answer to that yet, you might after watching this onscreen masterpiece by Ducati featuring its 1198 s.


Pulsar - 15 years of thrilling India
This spot reminds us of a free-willed boy running through the streets of a town on a hot afternoon, just without his pet monkey. It also reminds us how Bajaj Pulsar has defined the performance bike category in India


BMW - Make Life A Rid
BMW does more than make you want to own or get on one its bikes in this spot. There’s an underlying sense of attitude, yearning, drive to want to get more out of life and the visuals, pacing, narration all come together seamlessly to tell you this: to make life a ride.

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