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The 2017 Suzuki Hayabusa is a beautiful beast in two new colours

The Hayabusa, named after the Japanese bird of prey, debuted in 1999 boasting speeds of more than 300km/h.

However, a year later, Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturers agreed to impose a 300km/h limit on bikes to avoid a legislative ban on hyperbike speeds.

The 2017 models have arrived in Australian dealerships in two new colour schemes: Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Blue/Glass Sparkle Black. 

Glass Sparkle Black


Pearl Blue/Glass Sparkle Black

No official release date of its second major update has been announced yet, but it is expected soon.

According to, Suzuki president Toshihiro Suzuki recently confirmed that it will follow the same style, but gain several electronic riding aids.

It will probably receive most of the aids from the new GSX-R1000 including lean-angle sensitive traction control, three riding modes, a quickshifter, electronic steering damper and one-button starter.

It may also receive the Gixxer’s all-LED lighting and upgraded Showa suspension.
There is also a slim chance the next Hayabusa engine may be turbocharged for even more output than the current 147kW of power and 138.7Nm of torque.

Toshihiro says they have been studying how much turbo technology will cost to put into mass-production.

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