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Top 3 bikes for London commuters

All motorcycles registered before 2007 will be subject to a congestion charge in the UK effective September 2020. Riders commuting to work or riding through the city centre will be imposed a fee of £12.50 a day.

Owning a motorbike that was first registered after 2007 is an easy way to avoid this. So if you prefer to invest in a bike that won’t be subjected to this, here are a few to look at.

Honda CB500F

The roadster version of the Honda CB500 is an alternative for Londoners who need a bike that rides well on the motorway and in the city. First produced in 2013, the CB500F is lightweight, cheap and surprisingly powerful. It also handles with ease – a factor that's really important when filtering through city centre traffic or manoeuvring through any of London's many side streets.

Suzuki Burgman 650

The Suzuki Burgman 650 isn't the cheapest of options at £9,000, but with its powerful 650cc engine, step-through design and light handling, it's great for commuters who spend a lot of time travelling throughout the city every day. The bike boasts ample storage space for helmets, briefcases and tech, while its efficient engine makes it a cheaper bike to run than standard 650 machines.

Lexmoto Milano 125

In comparison, the Lexmoto Milano 125 cost just over £1,000. Combining all the panache and style associated with the Vespa, the Milano provides a fashionable option for urbanites.

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