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Fast bikes shriek of freedom from the everyday buzz, the uninteresting commute and give you a memorable experience. Possibly you need to claim one and feel the ascent of your adrenaline when you’re on fast on a bike. The bikes that run fast on the roads can also bring the rider the excitement and pleasure that no one could experience. Here, we have the Top 5 Fastest Motorcycle in 2018 to ensure you a speedy ride through 2018!



All decked out with 4 wheels and a Dodge Viper motor, the Dodge Tomahawk seemed to be nothing more than a speed junkie’s wet dream when it was originally revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Who says dreams can’t come true.

The 8.3 litre V10 SRT 10 powered crotch rocket is pumping out 500 horsepower and is ready to hit the track. It employs 90 degrees v-type engine and 10 cylinders. There is only be 9 of these bad boys produced, all of which carry a price tag around $550,000. It’s also worth noting that Dodge is selling them as “rolling sculptures,” a legality we’re sure.




Ahead of the Auto Expo 2018, Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) has launched the 2018 edition of the iconic Suzuki Hayabusa in India. Hayabusa is named after the Japanese name of Peregrine Falcon, the quickest flying creature on the planet which flies at a speed of 203 mph.

At a top speed of 194 miles for every hour, the Suzuki Hayabusa could even achieve near Peregrine bird of prey. Hayabusa is the speediest superbike from Suzuki. This extreme superbike highlights a 1397 cc four-chamber 16 valves, a fluid cooled motor that creates the energy of 197HP@6750 rpm.




Ducati named its new V-4-powered superbike “Panigale” to underline its goal of once again rising to the very top of the World Superbike Championship but also because it wanted to offer enthusiasts around the world a sportbike every bit as exotic as a Ferrari sports car.

Said to weigh just 5 pounds more than a Panigale 1299 V-twin, the V-4 produces 214 claimed peak horsepower, which translates to a 2 pound/horsepower weight-to-power ratio. Ducati offers an Akrapovic titanium racing exhaust that boosts horsepower to a whopping 226.




The Ninja® ZX™-14R ABS SE motorcycle’s ultra-powerful 1,441cc inline four-cylinder engine puts it at the top of its class. Advanced electronics, an innovative monocoque frame and stunning bodywork makes the Ninja ZX-14R ABS SE a sensation you have to see–and feel–to believe.

As the flagship of Kawasaki’s Ninja motorcycle line-up, the Ninja® ZX™-14R ABS utilizes big horsepower in a polished and refined manner for exceptionally smooth power delivery. With additional technologies like ABS brakes and traction control, the Ninja ZX-14R is sure to please a wide range of experienced riders and riding styles.




Marine Turbine Technologies has been the brain behind fitting a helicopter engine on a street legal motorcycle, resulting in the world's most powerful production bike - MTT Y2K Superbike. The first generation Y2K was powered by a Rolls Royce-Allison gas turbine engine that developed 320 hp and 576.2 Nm of torque. It clocked a record-breaking 365.3 kph.

The Y2K had its name etched in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most expensive production motorcycle ever and the second Guinness title that followed was that of the most powerful production motorcycle. All MTT motorcycles are produced in-house by its engineers and manufacturers, and not many vendor items are used on the bikes.

The generations that followed the Y2K all carried the same standard features, along with a larger swingarm, Pirelli Diablo 240 rear tyre, increased fuel capacity and with a better cooling system. This new generation, the Y2K 420RR, packs an unbelievable 420 hp!

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