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What To Consider When Trying To Look Sharp For Work On A Motorcycle

You've aced the interview and impressed your new bosses with your business glib. You're going to start your new job in your very own office room in a spiffy corner downtown.

There's just one small thing: they want you to use a business suit. You haven't told them you use a motorbike.

But before you start considering ditching your bike for a car or public transport, it might be worthwhile to read the following so you can keep your passion and still look presentable for your corporate job.

Safety is always first, but smart fashion can come in second
Unless you want to end up losing the skin all over your torso and limbs in the event of a crash, leave the suit-wearing biking to Hollywood and green screen actors.

You always want to make sure you're wearing protective clothing that can take the brunt of road scrapes and heat. Even skidding on the road at 10kmph will result in potentially life-threatening friction, but a proper biking jacket and pants will prevent you from becoming part of the road.

It goes without saying that you need to wear your headgear – go for a clean, sleek helmet that doesn't scream for attention so you maintain a cool, business-like look. Forgo your dad's dented, scraped up brain bucket. Plain finishes work best if you want to look sharp.

Go for easy-on, easy-off biking suits
The full biker can double up as a baking oven in tropical heat and does take a while to don and remove. If you're worried that changing clothes after arriving at work might eat into your commuting time, there are a number of options you could look at if you prefer wearing your business shirt and tie under your suit.

The Aerostich Roadcrafter is a fine example of a one- or two-piece that you can put on top of your clothes in under a minute – and take off just as quickly. It's lightweight and is armour-reinforced and actually looks pretty sharp on its own.

If you're looking to shave off even more time and want to cut down on the sweat output, look for kevlar-lined Chino pants. They're perfectly acceptable below a shirt and tie.

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