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10 common complaints by motorcyclists

Just because we claim that riding is freeing doesn't mean we have nothing to complain about. Here are 10 of the most commonly heard complaints by motorcyclists. 

1. Pillion seats that offer less support and comfort than a budgie perch in a cage. What’s the point of pillion seats and foot pegs on a sports bike anyway. They only add weight and can cost more in registration than a solo bike in some places.

2. Small fuel tanks. They may look great, but what’s the point when you can only ride as far as the next service station before you have to fuel up again.

3. Expensive pieces of plastic to replace the bits that broke when the bike fell off its stand. It’s a ripoff perpetrated by every motorcycle manufacturer. Why don’t they design bikes with some break proof bits or at least protection from low-speed drops?

4. Bad and expensive coffee at your favourite cafe. We already pay a fortune for our bikes and gear, we don’t want to pay $5 for a burnt coffee in some far-flung country cafe.

5. Riders that whinge all the time about the weather, road conditions, slow traffic

6. Riders who start their engines and rev them while they’re putting on their jacket, helmet, gloves etc … It’s irritating, the exhaust fumes get in our coffee and it’s pointless. After all, a modern EFI bike needs no warming up.

7. Caravans that don’t pull over in the lay-overs. They clog our highways as they crawl along oblivious to other traffic. Thankfully motorcycles can pass a long caravan rig fairly quickly, but that doesn’t stop us complaining about them.

8. Riders who show off with wheelies in a pack. It’s dangerous and it’s embarrassing when they come off. It also attracts police attention.

9. Trucks that decide to pass each other in the only section with a passing lane. Sometimes it takes them the whole passing lane to get past and then you’re back to double white lines!

10. Roadworks speed limits where there is clearly no roadworks going on or the workers are having a lunch break. And usually there is a police car somewhere just waiting to book the errant rider.
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