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written by Annette Ashwini Joseph

2017 may not have been the most poignant of bike manufacturing, (unless a hike up the horsepowers is considered so). Those listed here are classified in no specific sequence. All of them, however, are distinguished in their own right, highly-anticipated new motorbikes with the power to deliver incredible performance while not compromising on its appeal.  So let’s get excited.

  • Ducati SuperSport


Conjuring a 937cc Testastretta engine tucked nicely in a high-performance chassis which offers sporting coziness comes the Italian beau; the Ducati SuperSport. Immediately identifiable for its exquisitely efficient Italian design and not to mention, profound Italian engineering, it is evident the 2017 Ducati SuperSport packs a punch! Armed with fantastic engineering control, swiftness, ease-of-handling and toughness, there’s no second-doubting that it provides you with the ergonomics you desire. We’re talking about a maximum of 113 horsepower comfortably set in a e937 cc L-Twin engine which utilizes liquid cooling packed in slightly over 460 lbs of trellis chassis.

  • Yamaha FZ-10


Peacefully replacing his long-serving ‘uncle’, (the Yamaha FZ-1), proved lengthy production, hence the wait and expectations were soaring for its replacement. This two-wheeled goddess, in fact, surpassed expectations thus delivering better horsies to give you that bike street cred you’ve been dying for. Prepare to be delighted with amazing handling and proper e-adjustments to suit your every riding need. Don’t be fooled by its controversial demeanour as this is the motorbike you want to show off while taking those corners without the slightest bit of flinch!

  • Yamaha YZF-R6


Pimping ain’t easy with this junior bad boy. The 2017 debut of the Yamaha R6 definitely gives a needed boost to the middleweight band of motorbikes. The e-enhancements for 2017 boast changeable traction control and ABS.This truly makes the R6 more rider-friendly on both the grid and streets alike which is perfect for the amateur 600-class motorcyclist bunch. Expect a  46mm KYB fork and a 25mm front axle to deliver that more grounded feel for corner manoeuvres with a load, adjustable riding modes, a 6-level traction control system, bigger brake discs in the front, an aluminium fuel tank (replacing its ancestral steel) and a seat makeover on this R1-inspired fairings beauty.



  • Suzuki GSX-R1000R

It wouldn’t take a rocket-scientist (or in this case, a bike-scientist, yeah) to figure the magic Suzuki has done with its revered R line superbike. Encapsulated in an astoundingly solid chassis is a 200 hp, Showa suspension, track-ready equipped GSX-R1000R. Designed with more weight out the window and eked power, it truly is in tandem with the manufacturer’s objective - which of course, is not departing from its original famed design elements. 2017’s Gixxer comes with a dual-directional quickshifter, multi-level traction controller(10 levels!), corner-alert ABS and a 14.5K rpm rev limit all set to give you rev junkies a run for your rev-thusiasm!

  • Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Any bike cognoscenti in 2017 would be well acquainted with the range popularized in the 30’s, the Bobber -given it being tossed around quite a bit this year like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner. Drawing inspiration from its US-born counterpart, this year’s Bobber dons a low posture, bare back, and seat which is adjustable between two ways— high and forward; low and back. With amazing handling prowess, this baby is sure to destroy any corner she takes. At 1200cc high-torque engine paired with killer electronics and a new twofold airbox design, the 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber is without a doubt, an exuberant display of dual-wheeled brilliance exuded in all forms by Triumph.


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