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Holiday Gift Guide: Bikers Edition

written by Rasya Arasy

Stickman Vinyls brings you this vital guide to possibly the best gifts of the year that you could give to your family, friends or your bike. All the essentials for every bikers is here from biker fashion to gears and road necessities, we promise that you will find something that suits into your liking. Just a click away and it would be right on your doorsteps ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree.


The Classic Leather Jacket

An Allstate Leather Jacket, equipped with many pockets both inside and outside of the jacket to keep your belongings. Detailed with silver hardware and an adjustable half belt.



Warm and Classy Gloves

These durable leather soft fleece lining from J&P Cycles is perfect to be your riding gloves. They are designed to fit nicely between your fingers and your wrist. It’s one of those gloves that won’t hurt your wallet too.

Multi-functional Sunglasses

Looking for sunglasses? These are bikers approved! It is made to protect your eyes from any form of dust, debris and wind. On top of that, they can also adjust to any level of brightness you might encounter.

Cotton Comfort

You can never go wrong with a t-shirt! This one is 100% cotton which will explain the great comfort, and also it is simply designed with a 1942 vintage motorcycle on it. SunFrog has a range of colors too! Can never go wrong.



For Her

This could be the perfect gift for her because it is not just another t-shirt, this quality t-shirt is for female bikers out there, representing women empowerment!


Monthly Reads

Instead of getting him/her a book or a biker magazine, why not cut to the chase and commit to paying for their subscription for a whole year! Magazines are a good coffee table filler and it’s where they can find out more on the latest releases of new models and gears.


Roadside Emergency Kit

CruzTools RTKT1 Road Tech KT1 Tool Kit has everything you need for those emergency road nights. Made specifically for motorcycles with 20 tools that are lifetime guaranteed, nicely put in a compact travel pouch.


Performance Booster

What are other ways to amp up your bike’s riding performance? Kratos’s Motorsports High Performance Fork Springs are manufactured from the highest-grade silicone chrome wire to boost its performance.


Rim Stickers

Uplift your accessory game with a rim wheel decal sticker from Stickman Vinyls that comes with over thousands of designs whether it is for you inner or outer rims! Make sure to check out their packages as well where you can get multiple stickers at a more valuable price! On top of that for more goodies, Stickman Vinyls are hosting a Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza!


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