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3 Motorcycles Destined To Be Future Classics

Whether you're a collector or an investor, it might be interesting to learn that motorcycles are fast gathering momentum as the latest item to put your stakes on as classic bikes begin to fetch incredible prices at auctions, rivalling even those of more expensive classic cars.

The Stafford bike auction held by Bonhams in 2015 raised more funds than any other bike sale in European history, raising a lot of eyebrows from investors.

While this is partly due to the overheated classic cars market, analysts feel it also has to do with the ageing population of motorbike-owning people from the 1970s and 1980s. Now in their 40s and 50s, owning a classic can rekindle a lot of memories and it's possible the same nostalgia in another decade or two could rake in profit for the shrewd investor of today.

Here are 3 motorcycles on today's market that are pipped for future classic greatness.

1. Honda VTR1000 SP-1 (2000-2001)
The new millennium ushered in this model but it wasn't considered outstanding and was a bit pricey, meaning that there aren't that many around.

However, these bikes were developed by Honda's in-house race division (HRC) and dominated the 2000 World Superbike Championship in the hands of two-time winner Colin Edwards. So they're gaining the recognition they never had when they first emerged.


2. Kawasaki KR-1S (1990-1992)

The KR-1S is the last two-stroke race replica to appreciate. This is partly because other models were a little more exotic and therefore less supported in spare parts, leaving people late to the buy and restore game.

They were a racing force in the 90s and when restored can still be among the fastest – up to 140mph. They're a good buy now because their “fastest” tag hasn't quite been carried around yet.


3. BMW R1100GS (1994-1999)

One of the latest business trends in biking is the adventure bike, and there seems to be a lot of money in that area. Some of the older models like the R1100GS has been appreciating in value despite being some 20 years old. They may not have been popular in the 90s but because they're good all-rounders, you can buy one to use while waiting for its value to go up.

It's a direct descendant of the R1200GS (made famous by the Long Way Down and Long War Round series by Evan McGregor and Charlie Boorman) so expect it to go up in value as nostalgia kicks in down the road.

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