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Dainese has no plans of hanging by a thread in 2017

This year, Dainese will be all about their new material ‘Pro Armor’ —think fractal patterns with incredible breathability thanks to being mostly made of holes! Don’t be fooled though, the geometric pattern will strengthen and support all the right places, and is pre shaped to fit over knees and elbows. Get ready for high protection with minimal weight from this collection.

Rhyolite 2 Safety Jacket

The Rhyolite 2 makes the jacket even lighter and more conforming to the body, especially the joint areas. It uses the new Pro Armor soft pads that ventilate very well but offer good protection, as well as their Flexagon Technology back protection. The back pad is a dual layer piece that allows some slip movement, as one piece conforms to the back and the outer piece can take the exterior shock.

Trailknit Pro-Armor Tee

For riders looking for back and shoulder protection that's barely noticeable under a jersey, the new Trailknit Pro-Armor Tee might fit the bill. The wicking base layer has a pouch on each shoulder to hold Dainese's Pro-Armor pads, while Crash Absorb foam is used for the EN 1621.2 Level 1 certified removable back protector.

Tactic Glove

Dainese's Tactic gloves have a piece of Pro-Armor affixed to that exact location, in a shape that was designed after studying where most impacts occur. The slip-on gloves have a thin, one piece palm, with a silicone print on the palm and fingers for extra grip.

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