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4 Motorcycles For Towering Titans

Motorbikes were built for efficiency, speed and simplicity. They were also clearly built for average people. If you're not average (in size, of course) then the typical motorcycle isn't going to be a good fit for you.

We're not talking about 200lbs large (178lbs is the American average) either, are we? We're talking at least 300lbs extra curves and big-boned frame that needs all the support most motorcycles can't give.

Don't give up your dreams of riding, however, as there happen to be bike manufacturers with larger people in mind. They're also built with more spacious ergonomics, allowing easier modifications for larger fits.

Here's a list of four motorcycles for you to look at.

1. Honda CB500X
Want to learn to ride on a solid starter? This excellent model has spacious ergonomics combined with manageable overall dimensions. Even if you're wider than you're tall, you can still flat foot this machine and your weight will have little effect on its engine. Just make sure your dealer preloads the suspension on max to delimit suspension.

2. Suzuki V-Strom 650 Adventure
If the Honda was still too small, you'll like the Suzuki Adventure. With a marginal increase in size in dimensions, you get a lot more space and comfort. Its 44 ft lbf torque will move your weight effortlessly, although you'll have to skilfully use the gears to keep up speed or manoeuvre steep climbs. The seat offers larger bottoms extra support and its tall adjustable windscreen covers your extra height. Suspension is adequate for road driving too.

3. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
If you're willing to fork out double the Suzuki Adventure's cost for a European model, then the BMW R 1200 GS as stock will give you a bike that has no limits for you, no matter how big you get.

Built for the super-sized, it has electronically adjustable suspension featuring preload adjustment, variable spring rates and push-button dampening adjustment. It's 125bhp motor will haul you no problem and allow you to overtake sportbikes with ease.

4. Suzuki Hayabusa
The Hayabusa needs no introduction. This legend still claims to be the fastest spit on the bitumen and guess what? This sportbike can handle your giant ass. Its hefty weight (586 lbs) means that your frame will effect its dynamics far less than lighter bikes. You can opt for a custom seat, lower pegs and higher bars if you want a more comfortable ride but this machine was built with you in mind.

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