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Motorcycle Gear For Gentle Giants

Finding a plus size motorcycle can be a bit of a headache. After finally getting through the challenge of getting yourself a motorcycle that isn't too small, too tight or too light for you, you'll find that there's another headache waiting.

Whether you're an NBA all star, a WWE entertainer or a rugby player, or simply born with big bones and a big appetite for life, you'll realise that gearing up for your motorcycle isn't as simple as it is for others.

Most off-the-rack stuff is just going to cluster around the most common sizes or a few degrees of departure from the norm. Having said that, you have the same needs as everyone else does — total protection and comfort.

Check out these types of riding gear that might do the job for you.

1. Arai Helmets
Arai Helmets aren't typically the ones that win awards but they do have a niche market: you. Every Arai model comes in five shell sizes that cover all head shapes. The greater the shell size, the closer to your actual head size the helmet that fits will be, without the difference being made up by the padding inside. This means that they make the biggest brain buckets on the market.

2. Aerostitch Roadcrafter
The most versatile riding suit out there is also available in custom sizes. While your initial outlay starts at a grand, you may also want to budget in another 500 for custom work. Aerostitch is a do-it-all solution, working equally well on adventure rides as it will commuting to work in the rain. That extra dough will ensure you also get a chest protector, TF5 Hip Pads and Hip Pad sleeves for maximum safety.

3. Klim Badlands Pro
Normal people will tell you that Klim tends to be on the loose and baggy side for them, which makes Klim perfect for you. State-of-the-art fabrics, armour protection and an overall versatility not only justifies the price but comes at the right fit. The features list on these things is endless, but just imagine anything you could possibly want or need in a textile two-piece and it’s included.

4. Vanson
No need an introduction to Vanson leathers, it's the leather you want to be seen wearing if you're to be taken as a serious biker. Because it's fully customisable, Vanson will make any cut, any size, any fitting your husky frame needs. It's not cheap but it's not crazy expensive and it'll last you a lifetime.
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