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4 Must-Haves For Your Dream Motorbike Workshop

Other than good quality tools, there are some other things that would make a good workshop a “perfect” workshop. Every mechanic's got a different idea as to what some of these things would mean, of course.

Here's a sampling of some of these “perfect” items for the dream motorbike workshop.

How many have you got?

1. Hydraulic workbench
Long-time mechanics will remember spending time on the cold floor and probably have some lower back pain today to attest for all that gruelling work on the cement. These days, though, most professional bike garages have at least one hydraulic bench.

Easy to use, self-operated and relatively cheap (as low as GBP 400 new), these benches bring the bike to any height, making it so easy to perform repairs or maintenance. Try out the LeviTech Retrofit or Safetech for good quality builds.

2. Tool board
You'd be surprised to see how many mechanics or home workshops still don't know how to use a proper tool board. They're so cheap and easy to make, they make so much space our of your wall, and keep things so organised that it's a wonder why mechanics don't do this earlier.

Use it to keep your most-used tools for easy-to-find organisation.

3. Heater
Only the most expensive garages have inbuilt heating, so you'll want an external heater to keep your repairshop warm and toasty in winter. Mini propane heaters like the Clarke Devil 650 Space Heater are awesome for cheering up your chilly garage.

Just ensure you have proper ventilation, keep the heater away from combustibles and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

4. Lighting
It goes without saying that a good garage is well lit so you can easily see the bike you're repairing and don't have to fumble around looking for tools. However, there are always going to be nooks and crannies so a cheap LED headlamp can greatly assist. But a good mechanic will invest in an inspection lamp for absolute clarity.

The Dwyers 100W BC Heavy Duty Rubber Mechanics Inspection Lamp will last you many years. The Prosafe PS-ML5 is even more powerful if you want to blind your friends with impressive lighting.

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