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Worst Facepalms of 2016 MotoGP

You'd think that if you gathered 21 of the world's finest competitive riders together, mistakes would be few and forgiveable… but MotoGP never goes as plan and with a season of nine different winners, the 2016 edition was no different.

Here are some of the worst facepalm moments of the 2016 MotoGP:

1. Ducati commits seppuku in Argentina
While some light contact in frenetic early laps is understandable, wiping out both you and your teammate out of a rare double podium win only metres from the finish line, is one huge Italian facepalm.

That's just what Andrea Iannone did at round two of the 2016 MotoGP season in Argentina. Was that the reason Ducati opted to keep the more restrained Andrea Dovizioso alongside new signing Jorge Lorenzo in 2017? Duh.

2. Yamaha ignores warm up warning at Mugello
What does a team do when one of the bike engines fails during warm up? Find out why and make sure it doesn't happen during the race, right?

If you're Yamaha, you especially want to do this for Valentino Rossi's bike so he doesn't have an engine failure while fighting to lead in front of his adoring home fans at Mugello.
Yet that's exactly what didn't happen there: Rossi's bike went up in smoke after the exact same thing happened to teammate Jorge Lorenzo in warm up.

3. Iannone's cheeky ram into Lorenzo at Catalunya
You've fallen from fighting in the front in three of the previous six events… so how do you get back into Ducati's good books?

Iannone wasn't thinking when he wiped out Ducati's 2017 signing Jorge Lorenzo in his home race. Apparently, Lorenzo had been struggling for grip when Iannone misjudged relative braking points, ramming into the then Yamaha reigning triple world champion.
Lorenzo later said that Iannone had not apologised, asking cheekily instead if he'd had an engine failure.

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