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Check out the new GSX-R 750!

The original GSX-R was an unforgettable name in the AMA and World Superbike Championship. Keeping to a formula that works, Suzuki barely made changes in the new GSX-R750. Packing plenty of electronic rider aids, and providing significant comfort for a sports bike, the GSX-R750 is a light, agile beast. While from a glance, fitting into the cockpit might look like an awkward exercise, once on the seat, the handle-bar height and distance, angle of inclination makes it a close fit. It goes without saying that the leaner of us will feel more at ease. But if the cockpit ends up being somewhat of a squeeze, the growl of the engine should take any physical discomfort away.

Priced at about RM78,000 the new GSX-R750 weighs a mere 168kg with a seat height of 31.9 inches. The 750cc engine is capable of 148bhp of horsepower at 13,200rpm with an impressive torque and a top speed of 255kph. It merely takes 2.9 seconds to go from stationary to 100kph.The GSX-R750s are known to be the halfway point between the GSX-R600s and the GSX-R1000s. The GSX-R750 shares its chassis with the R600, offering the flexibility of the R600, and at the same time power that’s somewhat close to the R1000s. The smooth handling Suzuki boasts of becomes apparent over various terrains even with either one of the suspension settings. On the track, the standard fitting of Bridgestone Battlax BT016 Hypersports tires work their magic as each turn (sharp and otherwise) becomes a breeze to handle. The Showa Big Piston inverted forks provide ample damping during low-suspension speeds and manages high-speed damping pretty well too. The forks, the oil-damped rear coil suspensions together with the BremboMonobloc brakes make the GSX-R750 a ride mean enough for the tracks that can also be counted on to offer a reliable ride on the road.

There are some alternatives providing tough competition to the GSX-R750. If the ergonomics of the R750 will actually prove to be a problem, the 2013 Honda CBR600RR comes in as a roomy alternative. While the size and dimensions of both the CBR and the R750 are almost the same, the CBR are known to provide a more comfortable seat compared to the R750. The CBR is slightly less powered compared to the R750. The Big Piston Forks in the CBR means that it offers more or less as much in terms of handling. The CBR is however about 20kg heavier than the R750. The R750 is somewhat more fuel-efficient than the CBR. The CBR is priced at about RM20,000-RM25,000 more than the R750.

Within Suzuki, the GSX-R600 shares the same chassis and Brembo brakes meaning that the R600 shares the R750’s light and compact frame and feel, light-weight and superb handling but lags slightly in terms of the power it packs. It kicks up 125bhp at 13,200rpm. While the R600’s top speed is about 15-20kph slower than that of the R750, the acceleration for both R700 and R600 to reach 100kph is more or less the same. The extra chain links in the R750 means that it has a slightly longer wheelbase than the R600. In almost all other aspect the R600 is almost identical to the R750. So why is the GSX-R600 a worthy substitute to the R750 if it’s almost identical? Because the R600 is a good RM3,000 cheaper, that’s why.

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