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We are Stickman Vinyls

At Stickman Vinyls, we create high quality vinyl for your automotive graphic needs. Our line of products include inner rim stickers, outer rim stickers, and body stickers for motorbikes. We also provide custom stickers by request. At the moment, we carry 634 different sticker designs and adding more every day. Every sticker is meticulously designed and produced by passionate bikers so we know what you need.

                       We use only the highest quality calendared vinyl to produce stickers that are able to withstand the elements that a bike is put through. We handpick our vinyl materials for our stickers from the best vinyl manufacturers out there like Oracal and 3M. All of our stickers feature permanent adhesives so you don't have to worry about losing your stickers mid-ride. The durability of our stickers ensure that your bike is in top shape esthetically at all times.

                        Our inner rim sticker range is the most popular as we carry a large portfolio of designs made especially for bikers that are looking to customize their bike esthetics. We make inner rim stickers for bikes that that ranges from naked bikes, sports bikes to cruisers. Some of the motorcycle brands we create stickers for are Aprilia, Buell, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and etc. We have created 465 designs for the inner rim sticker range that you could pick from in 20 different colors. These stickers are color customizable by request. The outer rim sticker range carries 7 different designs that also comes in 20 different colors. These stickers line the outer line of the rim which gives your bike a unique look. The body stickers range comes in 169 designs that could be picked from 20 different colors. These sticker designs are customizable to create an infinite number of combination possibilities that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

                         Our vinyl color collection are separated into three sections, the gloss section, matte section, and the reflective section. The gloss section holds 7 vibrant high gloss colors that are red, blue, yellow, orange, light green, black and white. The matte section includes 6 matte colors for those who are looking for refined subtlety but not compromise on quality. The colors that comes in matte are gold, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, and purple. Our reflective color collection provides the highest visibility and turns heads wherever you go. These reflective colors provide safety in low light conditions as well as create a flare for your bike. The 7 colors that come in reflective are orange, yellow, blue, white, red, premium black and green.

                         Our demographics are passionate bikers who want their ride to stand out from the crowd. From the data that has been gathered, these individuals are mostly male, around the age of 24 to 45. A high percentage of them are from the United States and Europe.

                             When you buy our high quality products, you are also going to get high quality customer service from us. We take care to provide the best buying experience for our customers so that every customer is given due importance. Do not hesitate to come forward with your request as we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We understand them best as we are passionate bikers as well.

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