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5 Breathtaking Motorcycle Tours You Have To Experience

You’ve ridden your bike to work, you’ve done your own little speed test on the highway, you’ve gone for long and short weekend rides. What’s next? Motorcycle touring is becoming more and more popular by the year, so how about taking it to the next level? What you really need is a long and exciting ride somewhere in a different part of the world where you will get to enjoy riding while on a breathtaking exploration. Here are 5 incredible tours that you have got to try:

1. California, The American West

Distance: 5,630 kilometers (3.500 miles)

Ride Duration: Approx. 15 days

We’ll start with the arguably most popular tour of all. This route covers an array of national parks including the Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon, the most famous highway in the world; Route 66, Monument Valley, and many other notable sites. You will ride from below to above sea level, enjoying a diverse scenic adventure from low deserts, to high deserts, and then mountains and forests. Plan your trip properly because it’s a long, long ride, and you may take more than 15 days to complete the tour as you might decide to make more stops than expected. An American favorite is what this tour is.

2. The Cape Town Circuit, South Africa

Distance: 1,690 km (1,050 miles)

Ride Duration: Approx. 8 - 10 days

Another place worth exploring is the Cape Peninsula. Making stops at the highlights in Cape Town, this route will take you to the Cape Winelands, through absolutely amazing mountain passes and famous small towns. You will also have the opportunity to visit historical landmarks and remote landscapes, driving through the stunningly scenic coastal roads of Cape Town. If there’s ever a gorgeous coastline, it’s in Cape Town. Definitely one for the books.

3. The North Cape, Norway

Distance: 3,436 km (2,135 miles)

Ride Duration: Approx. 14 days

Now this is something else. The North Cape tour begins at Alesund in Southern Norway, and will take you to Europe’s most northern point, where along the way you will have the privilege of catching fjords, glaciers, and the breathtaking view of the midnight sun on the Arctic Circle. You will ride up the Trollstigen mountain pass through the gates of Northern Norway, and then into the spectacular Lofoten islands, before reaching the North Cape. From the North Cape, you will ride down pass the border of Finland and you may even visit Sweden before ending the trip at Tromso. Norway has so much beauty to offer and if you are in need of an escape back to nature, this is the perfect tour for you.

4. The Ceuta to Marrakech Loop, Morocco

Distance: 2,570 km (1,597 miles)

Ride Duration: Approx. 15 days

A different terrain than other tour routes featured here, with its miles of inclining and declining roads, sharp corners to feed your riding soul, Ceuta and Marrakech are two very different places; one a Spanish city on the north coast of Africa, and the other the badlands Morocco, a hustle and bustle maze of bazaars, mosques, and citadels. The ride begins and ends at Ceuta, going through Casablanca, Marrakech, and to Erg Chebbi for a switch of rides from motorcycle to camel (because why not right?), and then to the optional visit of the Tazekka National Park before heading back to Ceuta. A whole different world to visit with the Islamic culture and arabian nights theme, truly an amazing experience.

5. Balkans Adventure - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Croatia

Distance: 2.500 km (1.600 miles)

Ride Duration: Approx. 15 days

This Southeastern Europe tour might not be as popular as other motorcycle tour destinations, but it has nothing less to offer. The route taken for this adventure is a reasonably easy ride, with wide and well maintained roads throughout Bosnia, riding along and through mountains with sheep traffic, and then finishing off through the Adriatic Coast of Croatia before returning to Bosnia. The journey boasts a wealth in scenery and culture, and these are nations that are not as often visited in Europe. Better take the opportunity to indulge in this part of Europe before it becomes a popular spot for tourists!

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