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6 Ways to Personalise Your Motorcycle

There are two kinds of riders; those who want their motorcycle personalised....and the liars. Every rider is (not) secretly individualistic and wants a customised bike, whether it’s a minor customisation, or a full-on facelift, it has to be different from others and recognised only as their own. Need some ideas? Here are 6 ways to personalise your motorcycle:

1. Custom Paint Job or Vinyl Wraps

motorcycle bike paint custom personalisation

Before you succumb to the excitement of getting a custom paint job or wrap, you need to lay down a few options and  take some time to choose your preferred theme and style, because a paint job/wrap is the beginning of your personalization journey, and it is probably the most expensive customization you will pursuit. We recommend designing the paint job/wrap yourself with the help of a designer. A more affordable option would be customized vinyl wraps. They looks just as good, cost less, and are replaceable. Vinyl wraps are also size-customizable, so you don’t have to wrap the entire bike.

2. Accessorise!

custom seat motorcycle motorbike bike

Grips, brake handles, seats, foot pegs, you name it. There are many bolt-on parts of a motorcycle that can be customised to your liking. These parts come with a variety of designs, colours, and metal accents. Do a mix of designs and colours to suit your theme, and be sure to combine different kinds of metal parts because each metal accent has its own kind of shine. After a good polish, there will be a more aesthetic gleam to your bike. You can also get custom engraving on the metal parts.

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3. Rims and Tyres

stickman vinyls custom personalisation stickers

Motorcycle enthusiasts always opt for bigger and wider tyres, and what better way to complement the new tyres than customised rims? Wider tyres generally offer better stability, but it’s always advisable to consult an experienced mechanic before deciding on a suitable tyre size. Rims on the other hand can be customized at a much lower cost. We at Stickman Vinyls offer a range of rim vinyls and stickers to add a bit of character to your ride. We offer premium sticker packages, or individual vinyls, and shipping is available worldwide! It’s easy to install, just refer to our provided installation guides available on our website.  

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4. Lights

motorcycle motorbike custom lights

Lights; an easy and affordable way to make your ride more awesome and safe at the same time. Strip lights are low voltage lights that will make your motorcycle more visible in the night, and with the variety of colours to choose from, you can style it however you want. Pencil beam lights to replace your stock headlamps are a great addition to rider safety. They project a focused beam of light to distances much more than regular headlamps, and allow riders to see further ahead. There are also all kinds of LED lights to add to your bike like wheel lights, foot peg lights, etc., but be reminded that adding and replacing stock lights to your vehicle may require special permits in some countries.

5. Decals and Stickers

vinyls stickers motorbike motorcycle


Ever dream of becoming a racer? Custom decals and stickers will help you achieve that dream. Well not really, but at least your bike looks like it deserves to be on some track. Similar to vinyl wraps, decals and stickers are generally smaller in size and mixing and matching decals is definitely recommended. Make sure you choose good quality decals and stickers, so that they are easy to remove and replace if you need to.

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6. Exhaust Pipes

customising motorcycle bikes

To finish, we recommend getting customised piping for your bike. Exhaust pipes add great sound to your already good-looking motorcycle. There are many options when we talk about aftermarket exhaust pipes, but it is best for you to get it fixed professionally. Exhaust pipes will affect the performance of the motorcycle, so you’ll need proper advise on how to go about it; you might even need to modify your stock air induction system to pair with your choice of piping.  

It’s a lot of fun personalising your motorcycle and once you start, there is no end. Nothing will ever be good enough. The important thing is to ensure that these customisations complement each other and are legal. Oh and of course, make sure you get a bada** helmet to go with your ride!

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