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5 Stunning Personalization Upgrades for Your Aprilia Caponord

We have compiled a list of upgrades for your Aprilia Caponord. These can be self-installed and truly make your motorcycle unique.

1. Stickman Vinyls Ultimate Custom Rim Sticker

(Shop Stickman Vinyls Ultimate Custom Rim Stickers)

Our customized sticker solution that truly make your bike unique. Each set is individually designed based on your word input. With 12 design types and 24 colors to choose from, make a statement with your bike by having your Brand/Name/Tagline prominently featured!


2. Stickman Vinyls Accessory Kit for the Aprilia Caponord

    (Shop Stickman Vinyls Accessory Kit)

    Our Accessory Package combines Inner Rim, Outer Rim and Edge Stickers into one package giving you cost savings, providing free spares and anti-lift stickers. This is our best seller and comes in 24 color options for more than 200 motorcycles. Did we mention that all Stickman Vinyls products come with free spares?

    3. Stickman Vinyls Dual Pack Inner Rim Kit for the Aprilia Caponord

      (Shop Stickman Vinyls Dual Pack Inner Rim Kit)

      Our Dual Pack Inner Rim Stickers come customized to the rim width of individual motorcycle models. They come in a set sufficient for both rims, front and rear for both sides.


      4. Stickman Vinyls Tank Pad

        (Shop Stickman Vinyls Motorcycle Tank Pad)

        Our Stickman Vinyls Motorcycle Tank Pad is created from a high quality vinyl coated with a crystal clear , flexible layer of protective material.


        5. Stickman Vinyls Rapid Outer Rim Sticker

          (Shop Stickman Vinyls Outer Rim Stickers)

          Our Outer Rim Stickers are made to fit the rim lip of motorcycles with 17" rims. If you have original tape on, just purchase our gloss black thick outer rim liner. This goes over your originals and any of our other colored stickers can be affixed over them. These are available in 24 color color options.

          We hope that our list helps you choose exactly what type of customization you would like to try on your Aprilia Caponord.

          Happy Exploring!

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