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ACCESSORIZING YOUR BIKE: What Kind of Sticker Are You?

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At first glance, the question that serves as the title of this article may seem a little strange, ridiculous, whimsical even. It may conjure up such feelings of confusion, accompanied by sudden head-cocking, eyebrow-raising, and eye-squinting involuntary reactions.

But fret not, fellow Rider, for there is a more profound explanation behind the posing of this question, a nuanced inquiry that we intend to explore in the following sections below.

So, you’ve bought a bike.

 Ducati Streetfighter V4
Ducati Streetfighter V4S

But what comes next?

 Before you take your shiny, new beast out for a spin, you might want to consider if your bike is truly ready to be unveiled to the world. If your answer is “Yes, it is ready!”, then this article may not be for you. However, if your answer lies between the pendulum swings of No to Uncertain, then you might want to consider accessorizing your bike, specifically, with the right kinds of stickers.

So, What Kind of Sticker Are You?

Decorating your motorcycle may seem like a task or “added bonus” that does not require much thought at all, and to be fair, there are those of us who have never even considered it as an afterthought. However, we would like to offer our own take on why you should be ornamenting your bike straight away and the choices available to do so. 

At Stickman Vinyls, we believe that the right kind of sticker goes a long way. Much like the way you would carefully plan your outfit before leaving your home for an event, choosing the appropriate stickers that match your bike’s overall aesthetic should be equally as important. 

Types of Stickers You Can Choose From

 Stickman Outer Rim Sticker
Outer Rim Sticker

 Outer Rim Stickers are a neat way to enhance the overall presentation of your motorcycle’s rim. It can add a touch of color to an otherwise homochromatic rim, providing the plain feature with some colorful definition. This type of sticker would be a good option for riders who are seeking to provide only the slightest change to their bike’s manufactured aesthetic.

Stickman Vinysl Inner Rim StickerInner Rim Sticker

Inner Rim Stickers function in much of the same way as Outer Rim Stickers, but with an added benefit that we at Stickman Vinyls believe needs to be expressed. Other than adding a hint of color to your superbike’s rim, the Inner Rim Sticker aids in highlighting the hidden dimensions on a rim. When applied correctly, this sticker helps in revealing the intricate curvature and other design elements that could potentially be glossed over if the sticker was never applied.

Stickman Vinyls Decal PackDecals

Decals are the perfect way in which to enhance the appearance of your bike’s chassis and body. To put it simply, applying decals to your bike’s body helps to uplift what is obviously the most noticeable part of your motorcycle, making you stand out from the crowd with options for reflective or non-reflective stickers.

 Stickman Vinyls Tank PadTank Pad

Tank pads are an interesting choice for riders as it serves as both a practical aspect as well as an aesthetic one. Aside from boosting your bike’s appearance with numerous colors and designs, tank pads can prevent damage from occurring on your tank such as scratches and paint chips. Furthermore, it can also serve as a way to prevent you from sliding while on your motorcycle, providing you with enough grip and control for a much smoother ride.

What is the Bigger Picture?

In all honesty, the stickers you ultimately apply onto your motorcycle will become a symbol of your identity, one that you will carry with you as you cruise through the streets of your local stamping grounds or when you find yourself thundering down a freeway at 200mph.

At the very least, choosing the most suitable stickers for your bike will remove any unwanted feelings of regret or dissatisfaction you may experience with your accessories down the line and offer the added benefit of saving you a couple of well-earned dollars in the long run.

With that being said, what kind of sticker are you, truly?

If you are interested in customizing your motorcycle’s appearance with the subtle but right kind of stickers, then you should definitely head on over to our online store, where great stickers sold at an affordable price.

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